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Data Loader the most easy and simple way to convert data between MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, FoxPro, Excel, CSV and Delimited Text Files 

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Forms Data Loader

The best & latest tool to load data in Oracle Apps 11i / R12 through Front End Forms. Load thousand of rows through Macros or Forms Record & Playback in Oracle EBS Forms or Web Based Forms in minutes

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Looking for a one-stop data loading tool online? You’re at the right place! We have the best tools for loading data in  Oracle EBS 11i/R12 through front end forms and also best in the class Data Migration tool.

Please visit our dedicated website for Data Loader for Oracle E Business Suite 11i / R12

Dataloader is a simple, yet powerful tool capable of Synchronizing, exporting and importing data between many common database formats.  If you wish to convert MS SQL Server, CSV or MS Access to MySQL, this is the best tool satisfying your specific needs effectively. The latest Data Loader Version  supports MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Excel, FoxPro, DBF, MS SQL Server, CSV and Delimited or Flat Files. You can now easily convert Oracle to MySQL or MS SQL Server using this tool equipped with several unique and advanced features.

For example, while transferring, you can filter columns and specify WHERE conditions. Similarly, Data Loader supports full mapping of source columns to target table columns. Other notable features include bulk inserts, built-in scheduler, UPSERT and INSERT, folder polling, command line interface, Email notifications, Synchronizing etc.

 New Version 4.9.4 Released  (Download Free Trial Version Now) 9-Mar-2023

Our tool is the most powerful data migration tool available online, thanks to 17 years of continuous improvement and maintenance.

But you don't have to take our word for it; try it for free by downloading and testing it yourself!

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As the developer of the database migration tool "Data Loader," We are proud to present a robust and efficient solution for seamless data transfer between database systems. Data Loader is designed to simplify the complex process of database migration by focusing on the dataload phase. Our tool excels in extracting data from source databases, transforming it as needed, and loading it into the target database with precision. Data Loader supports a variety of source and destination databases, providing flexibility to users across different environments. The tool is equipped with intuitive user interfaces, allowing users to easily configure migration settings, map fields, and monitor the progress of the dataload. With advanced error handling and logging mechanisms, Data Loader ensures data integrity throughout the migration process. Our commitment is to empower businesses with a reliable and user-friendly tool that streamlines the database migration journey, making it a hassle-free experience for developers and database administrators alike.


Compare the following features which you will not find in any other tool

  • Load data into any existing target table also with full Column Mapping
  • UPSERT and INSERT feature to synchronize source and target tables. More
  • Creates SQL dump files from any Source Databases
  • Folder Polling feature, monitors a specified folder and loads data automatically from changing CSV or Text files
  • Support Command Line interface to execute sessions from command line or other executable
  • Supports repository to easily manage all existing sessions
  • Comes with its own scheduler or you can use Windows Task Scheduler
  • Support Bulk Loading to load millions of rows faster
  • Migrates Indexes, Constraints and Default values
  • Migrates VIEWS as VIEWS or Tables to / from Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL
  • Can also be use to download and upload data to Microsoft Azure databases in the Cloud. More
  • Migrate data from your local databases to Amazon Cloud databases effortlessly.

New Features in Version 4.9.4

  • PostgreSQL support. Now you can migrate data to and from PostgreSQL using Data Loader
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

New Features in Version 4.9.3

  • Email Notifications: Now Data Loader will automatically send the session log to your email address always or whenever any issue occurs to keep you updated.

    dataloader email notifications
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

New Features in Version 4.9

  • Uses the latest MySQL libraries to connect to latest MySQL 8 database
  • Supports chaching_sha32_password authentication protocol for MySQL connection
  • Delete synchronization, now Data Loader can also delete those rows in target table which doesn't exist in Source tables
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Bug fixes

New Features in Version 4.8

  • Convert Views between Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL
  • Enhanced and refreshed User Interface
  • MSSQL Identity Insert are now supported
  • And as usual, Bug Fixes and many other enhancements

New Features in Version 4.7

  • Increased number of Compare Columns for UPSERT and INSERT feature
  • Auto selection of Primary Key Columns for UPSERT and INSERT feature
  • Enhanced UI
  • Bug Fixes and many other enhancements


New Features in Version 4.6

  • Database Viewer added to view target database tables and data.
  • Now you can change Source or Target database User Names, Passwords and other information of existing Sessions.
  • Now Data Loader remembers your last database connection settings.
  • Enhanced Data Loader Scheduler management.

 New Features in Version 4.5

  • Bulk Loading added for Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases. Loads millions of rows at blazing speed
  • SQL Dump target sessions can now be saved and schedule to execute at specified intervals
  • No need to of MySQL ODBC driver, now Data Loader uses MySQL Library
  • Improved Data type matching
  • Many enhancements have been made and bugs fixed.

New Features in Version 4.1

  • Support for Constraints and Indexes

Dataloader 4.1 supports Constraints and Indexes. It can Export and Import Primary Keys, Unique Keys, Foreign Keys, NOT NULL and Default Values.

  • BULK INSERT For Microsoft SQL Server

Now Data Loader also supports BULK INSERT method to load data into MS SQL Server databases. This method greatly improves the performance and one can load millions of rows in very less time.

 New Features in Version 4.0

  • UPSERT and INSERT features are added. Now Data Loader can be used to synchronize data from any source database to any target database.

    This feature will update row in the target table if a matching row exist otherwise if the matching row does not exist it will insert a new row.

    This feature will insert a row in the target table only if the matching row does not exist.

    Note: Please make sure that you have a Primary Key and Index defined on the matching columns in Target table. Otherwise the loading will progress slowly when UPSERT or INSERT option is selected

    For visual explanation of UPSERT and INSERT loading option please click here

 New Features in Version 3.6.1

  • Excel support has been added. Now you can convert data from Excel worksheet to any of the supported databases.

  New Features in Version 3.6

  • Full Editing feature added. Now you can edit, delete column mapping of saved sessions.

  New Features in Version 3.5

  • Now you can create SQL Dump files from any Source Database.
  • SQL dump files are useful if you have to load the data into MySQL Server, Oracle or MS SQL Server
    where you don't have a direct connection.

  New Features in Version 3.0

  • Folder polling / Folder Watch

Dataloader will watch for files in a folder at specified intervals and then load the data from filenames
matching specified pattern into tables automatically.  More...

  • The only tool available on the internet for loading data by polling a folder.
  • Support for MS-Access 2007 and and MS-SQL Server Express Edition.
  • Watch progress while running saved sessions
  • Many other enhancements

  New Features added in Version 2.5

  • Load data in MySQL databases hosted on Share Web Hosting easily
  • Now you can change and choose the destination tables names
  • Load from multiple CSV / delimited flat files to multiple tables in one session
  • More enhanced Column Mapping
  • Microsoft SQL Server is now supported
  • Transformation is supported through the help of views


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Customers Review
I really like the simplicity of Data Loader....  Kirsten

Dataloader is making my transfer job from Oracle to Text files very easy and fast. Previously I have to use lot of SQL commands to achieve this. Thanks to Data Loader....Ronald

And many more…

Transfer Data To and From your Desktop to Website Easily!

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Data Loader now also Converts Views from MSSQL to MySQL, MSSQL to Oracle, Oracle to MySQL, Oracle to MSSQL, MySQL  to MSSQL and MySQL to Oracle

not just data loader also performs views conversion

It lets you convert Views as Views or also lets you Convert Views as Tables. To convert Views as Views please transfer all the tables first and then choose Convert Views option from main screen as shown below

convert views option in main screen

It can convert and directly create views in the target database or it can convert and create a SQL dump file so that you can preview and execute the SQL code yourself

Direct Conversion to Target Database

convert & directly create views in target database


Convert Views and Create SQL dump file

convert views and create sql dump file

Data Loader Customers

And as usual Data Loader comes with it's own in built Scheduler. No need to run jobs repeatedly. Just start a Session define the Schedule Date and Time and Data Loader will automatically executes your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. You can check the log file to check the result.

The Data Loader uses Repository to Store Sessions. It provides Options to Create a new repository in case the current repository has become damaged or lost, to take backup of existing Repository and to restore repository from a backup location.

You can manage existing sessions through Manage Sessions Form. From here you can the see the Status of existing sessions, Edit, Run,
 Delete or View Log file of individual Sessions.



Convert Data between  MySQL, MS SQL Server,Oracle, Access, Foxpro, CSV

Migrate data between MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, FoxPro, Delimited Text Files (Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Semi Colon Delimited, any other char Delimited Flat File) to any other MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL MS Access, FoxPro, Delimited Text Files (Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Semi Colon Delimited or any other Delimited Flat File)

Convert Access to Oracle
Convert Access to MySQL
Convert Access to MS SQL Server
Convert Access to FoxPro
Convert Access To CSV/Text
Convert Access to PostgreSQL

Convert MySQL to Access
Convert MySQL to Oracle
Convert MySQL to MS SQL Server
Convert MySQL to FoxPro
Convert MySQL to CSV/Text
Convert MySQL to PostgreSQL

Convert Oracle to Access
Convert Oracle to MySQL
Convert Oracle to MS SQL Server
Convert Oracle to FoxPro
Convert Oracle to CSV/Text
Convert Oracle to PostgreSQL

Convert MS SQL Server to Access
Convert MS SQL Server to  MySQL
Convert MS SQL Server  to Oracle
Convert MS SQL Server  to Foxpro
Convert MS SQL Server  to CSV/Text
Convert MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL 

Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to Access
Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to MySQL
Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to Oracle
Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to MS SQL Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to CSV/Text
Convert FoxPro/Visual FoxPro to PostgreSQL

Convert CSV/Text to Access
Convert CSV/Text to MySQL
Convert CSV/Text to MS SQL Server
Convert CSV/Text to FoxPro
Convert CSV/Text to Oracle
Convert CSV/Text to PostgreSQL

Convert MS Excel to Access
Convert MS Excel to  MySQL
Convert MS Excel  to Oracle
Convert MS Excel  to FoxPro
Convert MS Excel  to CSV/Text
Convert MS Excel to PostgreSQL

Convert PostgreSQL to Oracle
Convert PostgreSQL to MySQL
Convert PostgreSQL to MS SQL Server
Convert PostgreSQL to FoxPro
Convert PostgreSQL To CSV/Text
Convert PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL


Migrate data from your local databases to Cloud databases effortlessly!

migrate on-premises database to cloud


Data Loader can be used to upload / sync data from your local MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access, FoxPro, CSV to Cloud databases like, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Maria DB, hosted in Amazon Web Services RDS or Microsoft Azure without writing a single command.



Migrate data to amazon aws rds

Migrating MS SQL Server to MySQL hosted on Amazon AWS RDS Cloud step by step guide

Migrating data from local database to Microsoft Azure? Look at this guide for connecting to Azure from Data Loader


Create and Generate SQL Dump files

You can use our tool to generate SQL dump files to directly execute in your target database. The generation of SQL dump files are useful where you don't have direct access to the Target Database. 

For Example: Suppose you have a Table in MS SQL Server and this table you want to migrate to MySQL database hosted on another computer. And for some reason you cannot directly access this MySQL database from MS SQL Server. In this scenario you can generate MySQL dump file using Data Loader and then copy and transfer this SQL file to MySQL database server and run this SQL file using MySQL native client utility.

dataloader generates sql dump files

Moreover, Data Loader can automatically generate SQL dump files at your chosen specific interval automatically. You can tell Data Loader whether to overwrite the contents in SQL file or just append the new data into an already existing SQL dump file.

You can create SQL dump files from and to between the following databases

MS SQL Server to MySQL SQL file
MS SQL Server to Oracle SQL file
MS SQL Server to MS SQL Server SQL file

MySQL to Oracle SQL file
MySQL to MySQL SQL file

Oracle to MySQL SQL file
Oracle to MSSQL SQL file
Oracle to Oracle SQL file.


Convert data from MS SQL Server Table

mssql table

To MySQL compatible SQL dump file

mysql sql dump file generated from mssql table



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