Data Loader

Step by Step Tutorial to Convert MSSQL to MySQL
using Data Loader

In this tour we will be giving an example on how to convert databases from MS SQL Server to MySQL using Data Loader.

Data Loader will automatically

Step 1:-

If you want to practice this on your machine then we recommend you to download the free Trial Edition of Data Loader now in case you have not done it already.

We will migrate Microsoft Sample Northwind Database which is supplied by Microsoft for practicing. If you don't have it, you can download it from by visiting this Website and click here to know the instructions on how to install these sample databases in MS SQL Server

First of all lets create a blank database in MySQL. This will be our target database. To do this first start the MySQL Command Line utility

MySQL Command Line

Then you will get the screen as shown below and you will prompted for password. Type your root password and press enter

Create MySQL Database

Then at the MySQL prompt type the following command to create the blank database.

mysql> Create database NorthWind;

Create Database

After creating the target MySQL database. Now start Data Loader Utility.


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