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How to connect to MS SQL Azure from Data Loader

You can transfer data from and to MS SQL Azure online databases using Data Loader. To connect to MS SQL Azure database you need to type it's Server address in the Server box and choose Server authentication method to connect to Azure databases.

To connect to Azure SQL database, you will need the fully qualified server name, database name, and login information

You can get the Server address by logging into your Azure Portal and doing the following

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.
  2. Select SQL Databases from the left-hand menu, and click your database on the SQL databases page.
  3. On the Overview page for your database, review the fully qualified server name as shown in the following image. You can hover over the server name to bring up the Click to copy option.

 Connect to MS SQL Azure database from dataloader

If you forget your Azure SQL Database server login information, navigate to the SQL Database server page to view the server admin name.

You also need to add your IP address in Azure Firewall to be able to connect to MS SQL Azure database from your computer.

The SQL Database service creates a firewall at the server-level that prevents external applications and tools from connecting to the server or any databases on the server unless a firewall rule is created to open the firewall for specific IP addresses.

To add your IP address as an exception to Azure Firewall do the following

  1. Login to MS SQL Azure Portal
  2. Click on SQL Databases from left hand vertical menu
  3. Then you will get the list of databases you have in Azure Server.
  4. Click on the desired database to see the Overview page.
  5. On the Overview Page, click on the Set Server Firewall Rule link on top of menu as shown below

    set server firewall rule

  6. Click Add client IP on the toolbar to add your current IP address to a new firewall rule. A firewall rule can open port 1433 for a single IP address or a range of IP addresses.
    add client ip to server firewall

  7. Click Save. A server-level firewall rule is created for your current IP address opening port 1433 on the logical server.


Once you add exception to Azure Firewall and got the Azure Server address and login username and password, you can connect to it through Data Loader by entering the Azure Server Address in the Server Text Box and choosing Server Authentication method and then entering the username and password as shown below

Data Loader: connect to MSSQL Azure Cloud database