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PostgreSQL to MySQL Conversion

Want to convert PostgreSQL database to MySQL? Or, MySQL to PostgreSQL?

Then you have come to the right place! our tool Data Loader can Convert, Migrate data from PostgreSQL to MySQL or from MySQL to PostgreSQL Databases in just few clicks. Without need to type any commands or install any extra software.

PostgreSQL source database

It can convert hundreds or thousands of tables in one go. While converting it will automatically match source table columns to target table columns and let you do manual column mappings.

You can also specify WHERE conditions to filter rows if needed.

Apart from conversion, it can also Synchronize data between PostgreSQL and MySQL using its own scheduler. It can Update, Insert or delete rows from target tables to match the source tables.

It converts Schemas, Data, Constraints, indexes and Default Values in just 3 Steps without writing a single code line.

It automatically chooses the most appropriate Datatypes and widths and also let users select their types.

Data Loader also supports UPSERT loading option. Using this option, you can synchronize the data from source to destination tables. It will update the row if a matching row exists in the destination table else it will insert the row if it doesn't exist.

postgresql to mysql database

It also supports INSERT loading option. With this option Data Loader will insert the row into the destination table only if the row doesn't exist in the destination table.

Comes with a built-in scheduler so that you can run Conversion jobs at specified intervals. No need to run jobs repeatedly, create a Session define the Schedule Date and Time and Data Loader will automatically execute your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. It can also send the notification email in case if any errors have occurred.

It also provides a command-line interface to run migration jobs manually.

Besides loading through Conventional INSERT method, it also supports BULK LOAD method for MySQL. Bulk Load method dramatically improves the performance, and one can load millions of rows in just a few minutes.

Using PostgreSQL to MySQL Converter you can do the following conversions




PostgreSQL to MySQL converter can synchronize data between PostgreSQL and MySQL tables. i.e. it will automatically update rows if matching record exists or it will insert rows if it does not exist in the target table. It will also delete any rows in target table which were deleted in the source tables.

Postgresql to MySQL database synchronization 


Comparison of datatypes of PostgreSQL and MySQL

PostgreSQL has vast number of datatypes available for users. Besides built-in datatypes users can also create their own datatypes by using CREATE TYPE command. This wide variety of datatypes in PostgreSQL are quite handy while working in PostgreSQL but becomes a challenge if you need to migrate to another database like MySQL.

There are many general datatypes in PostgreSQL which have direct equivalent in MySQL. Like for example, Varchar, Decimal, Integer etc. Here is the list of general PostgreSQL datatypes and their equivalent in MySQL.

PostgreSQL Data Type Equivalent MySQL Data Type
Bytea BLOB
BigInt BigInt
Bool TinyInt
Boolean TinyInt
Char Varchar
TimeStamp DateTime
TimeStampTZ DateTime
Decimal Decimal
Double_Precision Double
Float Double
Float8 Double
Serial Integer
SmallSerial Integer
BigSerial Integer
Integer Integer
Money Double
Numeric Decimal
Real Double
Date DateTime
Time DateTime
SmallInt SmallInt
Text LongText
Varchar Varchar
UUID Varchar
JsonB Text
Point Text

While migrating, Data Loader will automatically maps correct types from PostgreSQL to MySQL. In addition to this, users can also manually map datatypes while creating the migration session.

Download and test it free of cost. No email required, no registration necessary. The Trial version is fully functional except rows limit.

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