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CSV to MySQL Conversion

CSV to MySQL Loader is a tool to Convert, Migrate data from CSV Files to MySQL Database or from MySQL to CSV Files. You can convert multiple files in one go to MySQL or convert multiple MySQL tables to CSV files. While converting you can map source columns to matching destination table columns, filter rows by specifying WHERE conditions. 

CSV to MySQL Loader comes with a built in scheduler so that you can run transfer jobs at specified intervals. Now no need to run jobs repeatedly, just create a session define the schedule date and time and CSV to MySQL Loader will automatically executes your session in the background and records the actions in a specified log file. You can later on check the log file for information.

Provides a command line interface also to run migration jobs manually so that it can be easily integrated with your own application.

All the sessions are stored in a repository. CSV to MySQL Loader provides a user friendly interface to manage repository. Such as taking backup and/or restore repository from a previous backup. You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.


What is CSV?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, it is a very simple and common standard for tabular data.

CSV is supported by a number of popular tools from spreadsheets like Excel, OpenOffice and Google Docs to complex databases to almost all programming languages. As such it is probably the most widely supported structured data format in the world.

Example of CSV

As CSV file is a plain text file, you can open it in any text editor. Upon opening in a text editor you will notice something like this

101,"Smith Jones",4000
104,"John, Kenny",8000

Limitations of CSV

Using our tool you can easily load the data from any CSV file to MySQL or other databases. You just need to select the CSV files and then our tool will do the rest.


Step 1. Select the folder and CSV files you want to load

csv files


Step 2: Select MySQL target database

select mysql database


Step 3: Click Start button

start converting csv to mysql


As simple as this. Download the Trial Edition now and test it yourself!


Download CSV to MySQL