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Automating Data Entry in Oracle Apps

Data Loader Tutorial   Data Loader for Oracle R12

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Are you tired of Large data entry jobs. Then relax! Data Loader is a tool which can help in automating filling of any Windows based Application forms. It is specially build for Oracle EBS suite but can be used for any Win forms such as SAP or any other application.

Automating loading of data through Data Loader can be done in just 3 steps.

1. Record
2. Populate the data from Excel or CSV or any delimited file.
3. Play


Here is brief explanation of above steps.

1.Start your target application form in which you want to automate loading of data and move the cursor to the first field.
2. Start Forms Data Loader by clicking on its desktop icon.
3. Click "Create New by Macro Recording" button and a dialog will be displayed.
4. Click "Start Recording" button in the dialog
5. Switch to your target application form window
6. Now enter a sample record in your target application form.
7. After entering the record click "Stop Recording" in the dialog
8. Click "Create Load" button.
9. Now you will see a Excel like sheet in Forms Data Loader with all fields which you have entered in the form.
10. You can now populate this sheet by copying and pasting data from Excel or any CSV or delimited file.
11. Once you have populated the sheet click "Load" button
12. And watch how Data Loader automatically loads all the data in the form.

You can try it yourself by downloading a trial edition of Data Loader

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