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Using HTML Forms Data Loader for Oracle EBS Self Service Forms

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HTML Forms Data Loader is another useful tool from Interface Computers to automate loading of data into Oracle R12 EBS  Self Service Forms or any HTML forms. Unlike Macro Loading feature of Data Loader which can go out of sync due to several reasons, loading data through this tool is reliable and accurate.

Data Loader for Oracle R12

A user can have complete control of the load. After the load finishes HDL will show which rows were loaded successfully and which rows got errors by marking it with Green and Red colors. It will even show how many rows were processed and the remaining rows still to be processed loading is finished or cancelled.

One can load thousand of rows through Front End HTML Forms without any user interaction

Using HTML forms data loader is very easy. Preparing loads involves just 3 steps as shown below

Step 1. Record
Step 2. Populate the spreadsheet with your data from CSV or Excel
Step 3. Playback (Load)

To develop a load you have to just open the HTML form in a built-in Browser and then click Start Recording button and then HDL will automatically capture the items in which you enter data or click. After you finished entering data and completes the navigation. Click the Stop Recording button.

Then HDL will show the items in spreadsheet,  Now just copy and paste the data from Excel or Import the data from your CSV or delimited file in the spreadsheet and click Start Loading and that’s it! HTML Forms Data Loader will start playback and fills forms automatically.

To learn step by step on how to load the data using HDL please click How to load data using HTML Forms Data Loader and also don’t forget to watch demo
videos at

You can also watch videos which shows HTML Forms Data Loader in action by visiting the following link


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