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How to Use Data Loader to Automate Data Entry in Oracle EBS

Automate Data Entry in Oracle Apps    Data Loader for Oracle R12   

As an Oracle EBS Apps Professional one has to enter records frequently for testing purpose. The Data Entry has to done through Front
End Application forms only because it is very difficult to directly load data directly into Oracle back end tables. Although Oracle has
provided open interface tables, it is quite difficult to follow the Oracle guidelines. And Database Administrators are also reluctant to provide
direct connection to back end database due to security issues.

Because of  these reasons Data Loader utility becomes an essential tool for automating loading of data into Oracle EBS Suite.

The Advantages of this tool are:

  1. Loads data directly into front end forms thus no direct connection to the database is necessary.
  2. Needs no special technical expertise, can be utilized by non-technical end users as data is filled in forms.
  3. Helps you to save lots of time. Prepare load once and duplicate the load several times as you need.
  4. Entirely transparent to the application. Application behaves as data is inserted by a user.

Data Loader 

There are multiple ways in which it can be used to load the data.

In this article we will be just discussing the 1st method i.e. Macro Loading method. We will discuss the other methods some other time in
separate articles.

Note: This tutorial is for loading data into traditional Oracle Java forms. If you want to load the data into Oracle Self Service forms please use HTML Forms Data Loader which is specially build for Oracle HTML Forms . You can view it's step by step tutorial here Data Loader for Oracle Self Service forms

Automating loading of data through Macro Loading feature can be carried out in just 3 steps.

  1. Record
  2. Populate the data from Excel or CSV or any delimited file.
  3. Play

Here’s short description of above steps.

That's it, you can now watch Data Loader automatically loads all the data in the form.

You can test Data Loader by downloading fully functional edition by clicking the following link

Data Loader

For more information please visit the official site at

Do's and Don'ts for Data Loader

For troubleshooting loads please view FAQ's at Data Loader FAQ